Welcome Message

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Heidelberg, Germany, in July 2019 for the “Organometallic Catalysis Directed Towards Organic Synthesis (OMCOS)”.

In 2019 it will be the 20th OMCOS. Over the years the conference has become the globally leading event for the homogeneous transition metal catalysis community, for both scientists in academia and in industry.

The contributions of organometallic chemistry to organic synthesis are significant, the field is still a motor for the development of new methodology. Often methodology which some years earlier was considered to be a “dream reaction” or a “holy grail”, a synthetic reaction that would be nice to have but was considered inaccessible at that time. These new reactions often allow a high increase of molecular complexity under mild conditions in one single synthetic step, which at the same time turns the retrosynthetic analysis of target molecule into a significant challenge and thus require a good understanding of the reactions, one focus of the conference.
With this thematic focus, we will follow the established scheme of a “single session conference”, a very successful format which fosters discussion among the participants, as all delegates have enjoyed the same set of lectures. The program composes of seven plenary lectures and fifteen invited lectures, and is complemented by the possibility for the delegates to submit abstracts for oral contributions and posters; PhD students, postdocs and young researchers will enjoy the possibility for in depth discussion with global leaders in the field, this starts during the welcome reception on 21st of July, continues during the discussion at the end of each talk and the coffee breaks and also includes the conference dinner on 24th of July.

The conference site is ideally embedded in the historic “Old Town” of Heidelberg, the congress center is located directly at the river Neckar and is only a few steps away from the famous pedestrian zone and the historical sites of Heidelberg, like Heidelberg Castle, the Old Bridge, the Old Aula of the university and the Cathedral.

See you in Heidelberg in July 2019,

Prof. Dr. A. Stephen K. Hashmi

Honorary Chairman
Prof. Dr. Armin de Meijere

For information on previous OMCOS conferences and award winners see: http://omcos.org/